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1905 Born in Aachen, Germany, on August 18th as the son of the chamber music singer Peter Kreuder and his wife Margarethe, maiden name Heidemann
1908 Berlin: First piano lessons at the Sternschen Konservatorium
1911 Cologne: First public concert (Mozart) in Guerzenich under the direction of Hermann Abendroth
Peter Kreuder as baby
Peter Kreuder as baby
First schoolday
First schoolday
Peter Kreuder his sisters Elisabeth, Kathie & Fefi
Peter Kreuder his sisters Elisabeth, Kathie & Fefi
1914-1917 Hamburg: Attendance of the Piano Academy under Prof. Hans Hermann
1918 Hamburg, May 18th: First engagement as repetiteur and stage pianist with Erich Ziegel at the Hamburg Studio Theatre
1919 Hamburg: Musical director and house composer of the Thalia Theatre
1920 Berlin: Music lessons from Ferruccio Bunsoni-Master Class at the Berlin Academy of Arts.
1922 Munich: Musical director of the Deutsches Theater and continuation of the study of music at the Staatlichen Akademie der Tonkueste (State Academy of Musical Arts)
1924 Munich: Final examinations as composer, director and pianist at the Staatlichen Akademie der Tonkuenste
1926 Berlin: Active at the Rudolf-Nelson-Theater as musical director and piano accompanist of Rudolf Nelson
1928 Vienna: Director and house composer at the studio theatre
1930 Berlin: Musical director at the "Max-Reinhardt-Buehnen" (The Max Reinhardt Stages)
Friedrich Hollaender, Marlene Dietrich, von Sternberg, Peter Kreuder
Friedrich Hollaender, Marlene Dietrich, von Sternberg, Peter Kreuder
1931 1st Musical sound film: Peter Voss, der Millionendieb directed by E. A. Dupont, with Willy Forst. Also house composer of the studio theatre in the Schauspielhaus with Otto Falkenberg
1932 Munich: First large jazz concert with his own orchestra in the Odeon, also musical director and house composer of the studio theatre in the Schauspielhaus with Otto Falkenberg
1933 Berlin: Breakthrough to worldwide success as composer of the music to the film Mazurka with Pola Negri, directed by Willy Forst
1935 Paris: International film prize for the music to the film Das Maedchen Johanna
1937 Munich: State music director at the Bayerischen Staatsoperette (Bavarian State Opera); Leipzig; First performance of the operetta Franzi; book and texts by Ernst Marischka

Paris: Last disc recording with Marlene Dietrich

Hollywood/USA: "Confessions" (A First National Picture / Released August 19, 1937)
1938 Vienna: First performance of the Frack-Komoedie with Lizzy Waldmueller and Curd Juergens in the Vienna Volkstheater
1939 Concert tour through Scandinavia and emigration to Sweden
1940 Stockholm: First performance of his opera Der Zerrissene (Swedish title: "Lips") at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, numerous concerts throughout Sweden.
1941 Stockholm: Bestowal of the "Gustav-Wasa-Order" by King Gustav V. for the rendering of outstanding service to the arts.
1942 Forced to return to Germany
1945 Founding and opening of the Austrian "Ausseer Festspiel"

Peter Kreuder and the "Ziegfeld Girls"
Peter Kreuder and the "Ziegfeld Girls"
Josephine Baker & Peter Kreuder
Josephine Baker & Peter Kreuder
1946 Vienna: Music to the 1st Austrian postwar film Das singende Haus
1947 Washington DC: In February 1947 US music journalists voted Peter Kreuder the third best jazz bandleader in the world.

Locarno: Musical presentation of "Das singende Haus" at the first post war film festival, also a tour through Switzerland lasting a number of weeks.

Zurich: Musical director at the first performance of Ralph Benatzky's operetta Kleinstadtzauber in the Corso-Theater.

End of 1947: Appointed in South America as the musical director of the radio stations Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires
1948 Rio de Janeiro: First performance of his work "Ein Viennaer" in New York in the Theatro Municipale
1949 USA and Canada: Five week tour with the Symphonica Brasiliera Orchestra of the Radio National Rio de Janeiro
1950 Buenos Aires: Bestowal of the title professor, presented by Evita Peron.
1952 Europe: Concert tour through such cities as Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Bern, Rome, Athens, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and many more.
1954 South America: 21 sound films, among others The Way Of The Gauchos with Gary Cooper
1955 Final return from South America;

Munich: Appearance of the memoirs Schoen war die Zeit; many compositions for feature films
1956-57 Concert tour through Europe with Josephine Baker
1958 Vienna: First performance of the musical Madame Scandaleuse with Zarah Leander in the Raimundtheater.
1959 Vienna: Bestowal of Austrian citizenship December 4th
1960 Vienna: First performance of the musical Bel Ami with Johannes Heesters
1964 Vienna: First performance of the musical "Lady aus Paris" with Zarah Leander
1968 Concert tour through North and South America
1969 Concert tour through Brazil and Argentina, Japan and Australia
1970 Concert tour through South Africa and southwest Africa;

Munich: Bestowal of the "Schwabinger Kunstpreis" award for music
1971 Concerts in Argentina

Munich: The appearance of the autobiography Nur Puppen haben keine Traenen
1972 Concert tour through the USA and Canada; conclusion of the work Lola Montez; appearances on the television shows of Perry Como (Los Angeles), David Frost (Miami) and Bob Hayn's Morning Show (Detroit)
1972 Vienna: Bestowed with the title of professor

Munich: Bestowed with the medal "Shining Munich"
1974 Rome: Music to the film Il crielo Rubato
1975 Buenos Aires: Music to the film El Paradiso e Diabolo

Goslar: bestowal of the "Paul-Linke-Ringes" award
1976 Flensburg: First performance of the musical revue "Wedding Mary"
1978 New York: Celebration of the 60 Year Anniversary as an artist (first engagement; May 18, 1918)
1980 Salzburg: First performance of the musicalette Wie wird man Minister
1981 Died on June 28th in Salzburg, Austria
1982 Posthumous conferment of the "Golden Europe" award
1983 Dedication of the Peter-Kreuder-Street in Munich and Salzburg
1985 Golden Record
1995 Posthumous conferment of the "Golden Tuning Fork" award